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We know for sure that Life is always about good, Life is good (although not so easy to see at times). We know for sure that there is no limit to the good. And that there’s always more good awaiting us. In this light our wedding officiants can be helpful in facilitating -officiating other “goods” as well.

The services on this page can be seen as wedding or marriage tools because each service is a way to accomplishing what you need. You may acquire a new skill with a communication tool (marriage coaching). You can use a tool to release the old and make room for the new (house or business blessing). Or you may use one to renew your vows or celebrate your baby’s life (renewal of vows, baby blessing). I suggest taking a few moments to learn more, below, to see if there are any possibilities for you.

For more information about any of the services, below, 1st check that we are in your area (10 Featured Areas we serve, HERE). Yes? Then EMAIL ME with your name, area you’re in and contact number. We will enjoy saying ‘hello’ and giving you the information you need. I promise, we are friendly and easy to talk to.

Every so often after you are married, you may treat yourselves to a Renewal of Wedding Vows or Marriage Reaffirmation Ceremony, including a Vows and Ring Blessing. This may be done with your wedding officiant and may or may not have guests and family present. If you would like the guidance and presence of  a wedding officiant, she/he would work with you to have a renewal of vows script, which can be very simple. One couple wrote: “There was something profoundly meaningful about turning to the person with whom I have shared so many experiences to re-affirm my love and gratitude.” Another said: “What could be better than rededicating our marriage commitment to each other and then have a little honeymoon to celebrate.” For many couples, there is great value in carving out the time out for a renewal. This doesn’t mean a lot of time or complicated. It can be short and simple yet be deeply meaningful and most dear.

This service is simply out of this world, indescribable and amazingly delightful. A associate will meet with mom and dad to create the perfect baby blessing script for her/him. The wedding officiant or civil non-religious wedding officiant will present many options and creative ideas for this blessing. The service can be done privately or with immediate family and friends. God parents can be chosen and included. Siblings can be involved and readings can be read. A meal can be shared afterwards celebrating the blessings for the child and his/her beautiful life ahead. Take a look here for photos and testimonials that will give you a sense of how special and beautiful these blessings can be.

We invest money and time for many things to get our new project or business off the ground, right? Why not then, invest in a powerful blessing of the business and all those a part of it, as well? A Business Blessing insures that all your bases are covered because the success of your business or project also involves the inner part of you, and your partners, if any.

Just like with a wedding, once engaged to do your Business Blessing, a officiant associate would contact you (phone or meet in person) to begin discussing and then prepare a Business Blessing script to meet your needs. Like with everything else we are a part of, the script is always about what you want, what you approve. It can be entirely civil non-religious or very religious or anything in-between. It can be short or long, have others present or not. It will be artfully tailored for what you need, including your business intention and goals.
If a business is only as powerful as its foundation, then a Business Blessing is very practical because it confirms your vision and also assists in clearing anything in the way of your business succeeding. Think about it. Perhaps you can’t afford not to have your business or project formally blessed.

A House Blessing is a delightful way to begin in a new home or to begin a new in an existing home. It is done with a wedding officiant or civil wedding officiant and those who will be living in the house. Friends and family may also be invited. Refreshments or a meal can be served afterwards as part of the occasion. The House Blessing focuses on and, like a powerful magnet, attracts the qualities you want in your home (e.g., loving, abundance, prosperity, health, balance, healing, fun, laughter, etc.).It can be short or long; have the religion or spiritual you want in it or none at all. It is always what you choose/approve. For more information, see above for how to use this site’s form.A House Blessing prepares the way for all that is coming for you and your near and dear ones; your family. A House Blessing will bring in a positive up energy that can help cleanse and purify your home leaving it freshened in many ways.

MARRIAGE COACHING (aka ‘how to communicate so you are likely to be heard- understood)
Coaching is available for engaged and married couples in private sessions with  a local marriage minister officiant or through email dialogue in some cases.

Our approach: We see each person/spouse as having an inner knowing for their marriage which we assist in awakening more. We present simple tools including sharpening empathy skills and a more compassionate attitude. We see that the qualities that are needed for a successful marriage in all ways are already in each of you and, in this way, we say that there’s nothing to learn, only to awaken. We assist you with this.

After reading the above, you may be wondering what the costs are, of course. Each of our ministers officiants associates is independent and we don’t know their fees for services. We don’t even know a range. We trust you will ask about this when you talk with them. Also, see our Fees page for information you may find useful.

In case you missed this part, above, if you would like more information about any of our services, 1st check that we are in your area (10 Featured Areas, HERE).  Yes? Then EMAIL me to address in the footer with your name, area you’re in and best number. We will enjoy saying ‘hello’ and giving you the information you need. I promise, we are friendly and easy to talk to. No pressure or expectations. Anyone can say these words but we mean it.

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