Wedding Ministers Officiants

wedding ministers

Q: How can we best prepare for interviewing prospective wedding ministers officiants? 

A: Consider these 6 steps (ideas):

1st: Visual together how you want your ceremony to be. You don’t have to know details. Simply think of how you want to feel during and after the ceremony. What kind of experience would you like to have and like your guests and family to have?

2nd: The technique of brainstorming is very helpful with this. Use a pen and pad, your computer or record your thoughts in a voice message to yourself. The point is to capture what comes during brainstorming. And if you like to see our ideas, read the questions we came up with, below. You may like some of them as is. They may spark ideas for other questions.

3rd: Make of list of your ideas and put it down for a bit or a day and then take it out and look it over and edit it (delete, add, tweak). Writing is a lot about editing and tweaking the ideas, the words. Everything is always changing. We’re always changing. You may find as i find that every time you pick up a writing there are new things that come to you. It’s kind of magical. It’s very cool. In a way it’s effortless because we just see new things and capture them too.

4th: Before the interview: visualize how you want the meeting to go. Talk about it together. See the meeting going well for all three of you.

5th: Just before starting, take a moment to connect with each other. Maybe take a few breaths together. Breath is very effective in relaxing away anxieties and worries.

6th: During the interview: Put your empathy listening ears on for yourself. Listen and stay tuned to the candidate and the same for your partner.  When the time comes, ask your questions.  Taking time to ask your questions and then listen to his/her response as it will provide the information you need to evaluate and compare.


Questions to ask your wedding officiant candidate and/or inspire other ideas for questions:

  1. When you think of a Wedding, what does it mean to you?
  2. How are you different from other officiants?
  3. What is unique about your services?
  4. None of us is perfect. What’s not perfect about you?
  5. What is your fee?
  6. What’s included? What’s not? What’s extra? Describe.
  7. Do you include rehearsal?
  8. What are your rehearsals like? How long?
  9. What is the value of having a rehearsal and having you there?
  10. Are there costs that could come up after we pay the initial amount?