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I feel grateful to be a part of a ministry that makes finding a wedding officiant-wedding minister easier for engaged couples like yourselves (you will only hear from officiants who match what you tell us). PLUS our finder service is free. If you're ready You Can Request An Officiant HERE or learn more, below. Here's to you both enjoying continued good everything in your lives. Kindest Regards, Paul

Step 1: See The Perfect Ceremony For You Two.

The perfect ceremony for you is how YOU would define 'Perfect' (e.g., the words, length, 'feel', few parts or many parts, etc). Whatever 'Perfect' is for you.

Step 2: Meet Ceremony Guides (Wedding Officiant Ministers As Possible Candidates)

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An officiant candidate should understand the importance of supporting you as an engaged couple to have what you want for your wedding ceremony as if you are the CEOs of the ceremony. You are.

Use Our Free Wedding Officiant Finder Service HERE or continue learning more, below.

Step 3: Interview & Evaluate

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Step 4:Understanding The Basic Agreement

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Step 5: Decide & Hire

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Only finalize when it's clear to do so. Take your time. This is worth repeating: Take your time.

And Remember To Keep Taking Good Care Of Yourselves

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Yourself and each other - because that's what all this is about in the first place.

And Oh, Is There Ever A lot To be Grateful For!

So, Like We Supported You To See The Perfect Ceremony For You...

... we support you to pick another area of your life together and see that area perfect for you as well. This is using the power of your imagination to make manifest what you want. You have to see it inside of yourself first

"Hi, I’m Tia and people say that I have lots of answers. Hmm, I guess that's true. Anyway, click on any question below to see my answer."


What to whisper in a young flower girl's ear just as she's starting to walk down the aisle with her flower pedals?

Go to Mommie, or Daddy or whoever is on aisle towards front assigned to wait for her. This last minute message is the only focus for a young flower girl or young ring bearer to have. They typically are so overwhelmed that one thing to focus on is often all they can handle. Of course they might forget, which is why the Mommie, Daddy or grandparent is told to hang over their chair and be ready to 911 pick him or her up and go rest of route carrying child if needed.

Why are some rehearsals not boring at all?

Because minister officiant loves meeting and connecting with people and it shows. And because the minister officiant knows they have valuable practical tips to share that the people present will find practical, reassuring and helpful (e.g., a walkthrough of details for presentation of the bride and/or groom). Some officiants ministers have some light hearted fun touches as well at rehearsals.

Can young children sign the marriage license?

Yes unless the state or other government body forbids it. The states I’m aware of have laws requiring witnesses including how many witnesses who saw the ceremony are required to sign the license. I am not aware of any state that says that there cannot be more than the number of witnesses they require. Which i interpret as: that children of any age can sign so long as it doesn't interfere with readability of license. And it could even be an infant with the help of mommie or daddie pushing their hand to write a spot or mark which is their signature.

Why This Minister Was So Popular Officiating Purely Non-religious Civil Ceremonies?

Because he didn’t need to be known by reverend or minister or anything other than his first name; because he wore a civil judge-like robe that everyone could relate to; because while he would not have denied being a minister if asked, he did nothing to flag it and no one cared because he was friendly, loved people and was always light hearted; because in his mind and heart non-religious was just as ‘religious’ for him as his religiousness; AND because love transends all at a ceremony and his presentation was so in the heart with feeling that no one gave a hoot about anything else once they felt the love present. That's why!

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